The Knob

I did say earlier that this blog was meant to be an outlet for all my experiences so far in finding a husband.

So. Last year I made contact with a guy from a matrimonial website, I think it was single muslim. Anyway, we had swopped email addresses, and he added me to his MSN, and so we began chatting, and whilst his broadband kept playing up, I gave my mobile number so as we could have a conversation. I’m at the stage where I really can’t be bothered with wasting time typing away, I think it’s best to have a quick call, and get the important stuff out of the way, and see if it’s worth pursuing. Time isn’t really on my side, besides I have enough friends that I can say mindless drivel to.

Anyway, so we had a conversation which went along the lines of how are you, what do you do etc. Then he asked me a personal question; he asked if I was a virgin, which I said I thought was quite personal considering we had known each other for 5 minutes, anyway, I had decided I couldn’t really be bothered, and said that I wasn’t interested in pursuing things, as I was quite sure I wouldn’t want to be with somebody who clearly didn’t respect boundaries. I said Goodbye and blocked and deleted him.

Except I had already given my number. Two days later I receive a text from an unknown number, apologising for his terrible behaviour, and please could he have another chance, so the sucker that I am with my 3 strikes rule, I decide to give it a go. We exchanged a few texts, and he rang me. We chatted for about ten minutes, he told me what he did (he was a seller on Amazon) and had his own house, and about siblings. A fairly easy conversation. The next day he sent me a text, asking how I was, what I was doing. I replied that I was fine, and had been a long day, and I was going to bed. (Hint, stop texting me now because I’m going to sleep) So as not to appear impolite, I asked him how he was, and what he was doing. He text me saying he had a ginnormus (sic) hard on.

Now I’m a stickler for spelling, and I couldn’t possibly marry a man who wasn’t even up to using spellcheck. I think this annoyed me more than the text itself. So I ignored his text, I mean, there is no good reply to that is there? Ten minutes later, I receive a MMS of the afore mentioned hard on, captured by cleverly angling the camera so his head was right next to his member. I text back saying I do not appreciate such pictures being sent to my phone, and to not contact me again.

What on earth was he thinking? Why would any girl respond to that? Why did he think it was ok to do that? Did he think I would consider marrying  a guy whose privates have been seen by goodness knows how many people?

If I call him a dickhead is that too cliched?


~ by Honest Waffle on 11/10/2009.

6 Responses to “The Knob”

  1. I don’t understand guys like this. What could he be thinking. I think I mentioned on here before that I write a blog about how men can better love their wives. But more importantly it is a great place for women to see what to expect in a good man. I hope you take a look.

  2. Perverted twit. Desperado. Imbecile. Ignoramus. Let’s get the meat cleaver out, eh?

  3. TalesnTypos – Believe me that isn’t the worst of it. Meat cleaver huh? Well he wasn’t far from your neck of the woods. Slough if I remember correctly.

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! Right on. You should have told him that you just posted his pic on a blogsite or facebook or something, scare the shit out of him. I hate guys who think its ok to treat/speak to girls that way. I would have also taken a pic of some dog shit and sent it to him…tell him thats the kind of stuff you like, freak the shit out of him LOL! But, yeah, why waste air time on him 😛

  5. Azra – I wish I had kept the pic, would have made for a great prop at the fringe show, I also wish I had saved the countless stupid MSN chat sessions. I don’t even think I’m shocked anymore by their behaviour. Maybe I should say I’m looking for a feeder, and send a pic of me with my face smeared in Nutella. Though to be honest, somebody will no doubt get their freak on.

  6. Ewe what a perv! That’s disgusting. I thought I’d come across a few weirdos but nothing even close!

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