The stand up

So I was chatting to a guy who contacted me through single muslim. The same age as me,  and he was in the other side of the country.  We had been speaking every day, thankfully I was spared the time-wasting sessions of MSN, and we got on quite well, had a lot of things in common, his religiousness was above average, said all the correct Allah words etc. it was looking good. This had been going on for about 6 weeks or so, and we spoke about meeting up. Now, I had already made plans to be in that particular city to see the motor show, so I just changed my date to a week later. So we confirmed a day, and time, and he was going to meet me at the train station, as I arrived.

So my train gets in 15 minutes early (that’s quite unusual) and I call him. No answer. I get my bags, and freshen up in the ladies, and ring again, and yet again no answer. We had arranged to meet at 12.30, which came and went. I tried to ring a third time, and he didn’t pick up.

And then it hit me. That I had been stood up.

Thinking back now, I feel quite calm about it, but at the time I wasn’t so much angry as upset, and I mean really upset, and you know what was going through my head? A Muslim can’t possibly do this to me.  How stupidly naive I was. And how utterly humiliated. I didn’t even try to call again, although the times I did call his phone rang out and went to voicemail, I didn’t leave any messages. I had a miserable weekend, one of my closest friends gave me a very large shoulder to cry on. I didn’t even enjoy the motor show, I didn’t even bother seeing any of my usual friends.

He never got in touch. Even if he had said there was a family emergency, or some disaster it would have been cool, but to be so ignorant and rude, it really irked me. The thing is even if he had sent me a text the night or so before to say he didn’t want things to progress, I would have been fine, and just enjoyed my weekend regardless, the fact that he didn’t just ruined my mood entirely. Which then gave way to the cursing, I hope his testicles rot and fall off, I really truly do. Nobody should ever treat somebody with such disregard. I’m not one to go ballistic on people easily, but he really, really p*ssed me off.

I didn’t make the effort to contact him again, I didn’t see the point, and signing him up for porno mailing lists wasn’t going to make me feel any better.

Months later, he sent me a mass email, where he cc’d about fifty other names, boys and girls. It was an Islamic type email, about virtues of reciting various duas etc. Noble effort, but impersonal. Then a few days later he sent me another email, with a similar sort of subject.

I replied saying that he had a damn cheek getting in touch with me after standing me up, and not having the courtesy or bottle, to just send me a declination by even text or email, he was poor excuse for a man, and a Muslim at that, and that I hoped he had managed to grow some balls by now. I ended by saying that if I ever had the misfortune to clap eyes on him anytime in the future, I would rip out his heart through his throat.

Did I mention I hit the ‘reply all’ button?



~ by Honest Waffle on 01/11/2009.

6 Responses to “The stand up”

  1. What a git.

  2. Not that its funny that you were treated so rudely, but the “reply all” ending gave me a serious laugh.

  3. TNT – I called him a lot worse, I still do.

    AF – Not very grown-up of me, but it was extremely satisfying, plus I got a barrage of emails back from most of his contacts. My, that was a busy week. Serves him right for upsetting me.

  4. LOL – what did the people who replied to your email say?

  5. Mash – Varied responses…a lot of girls replied back, and a few said that they met him through single muslim, and that he has also messed them around, and he now put their names on his Islamic mailing list. Mostly though the girls wanted details that I couldn’t be bothered with, so I told them it’s best they ask him themselves. I think I recall one guy replying who said that it served me right anyway if I was going to ‘abuse a brother, and seek to humiliate him in a public manner’. You can imagine the reply he got.

  6. Can’t believe what a coward he was! He totally deserved the “reply all” email, I’m sure the expression on his face was priceless when he read that!

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