Full circle

This evening my Mum showed me a list of boys names, with their respective cities/towns, and their heights, and phone numbers. I’m assuming she got them from some Auntie Jee.

I recognised two of the names as shaadi dot commies.

I’m not sure whether I should laugh or cry.

Also, I’m increasingly finding that I’m getting a lot of repeat requests (or offenders?) I have a pretty good memory, mostly for nonsense, but I tend to keep a lot of the correspondence from shaadi dot com’ing. I’m not sure I should admit I have a system. Anyway, guys who rejected me earlier, have either forgotten, or are just trying their luck again. Or is it a case of  being rejected by the other girls, and I’m sloppy seconds.

A lot of guys, and no doubt girls have probably been on these sites a fair length of time, and if I do ever encounter somebody who I’ve chatted to before, it’s really weird, and the first time it happened, I thought that I can’t have gone through all the eligible males in the country…or have I and came full circle back onto them again?!


~ by Honest Waffle on 06/11/2009.

2 Responses to “Full circle”

  1. Now, I’m no expert…but perhaps you need to venture out of your immediate location. ALL the guys aren’t either taken or jerks..I have faith that there is someone worth while out there…its just a matter of figuring out where “out there” is. Perhaps a little pickiness on your part could help weed out the bad apples? just a suggestion.

  2. HB – Girl, I’m talking national here. I don’t stick to locality.

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