In case you were missing something

Shaadi dot com have added some new sections, so you can give even more information on your profile.


In ‘About myself’ we have:

Body Weight (in kgs or lbs)

Health Information (HIV, Diabetes, Low BP, High BP, Heart Ailments, Other)

Like I would ever tell anybody my real weight.


In ‘Education and Career’ we have :

Would you prefer working after marriage (Yes, No, Don’t mind)

Name of School/College/University last attended

Job Level (Top Management, Senior Management, Senior Executive, Executive)

Like every girl is going to fall into that trap and say she wants to sit at home and eat cake.


In ‘Location’ we have:

Zip/Pin code

Like the bank manager who stalked me wasn’t bad enough.


In ‘Family details’ we have

Native Place

Affluence Level (Affluent, Upper Middle Class, Middle Class, Lower class)

Like being rejected for being the wrong caste isn’t enough to contend with. In terms of affluence, a few guys have asked me about my state of affairs, ie if I have my own house etc, or if being the only child do I get spoilt and will my parents be leaving everything to me.

Maybe they have added these sections because people have asked for them. Definitely TMI.


~ by Honest Waffle on 12/11/2009.

7 Responses to “In case you were missing something”

  1. Wow

  2. What’s TMI?

    I’d actually find “Would you prefer working after marriage?” quite a useful question to ask. Although I’d like it to be slightly stronger: so “Would you want to” instead.

    Each time I offer a girl a life of sitting at home to eat cake she thinks I’m trying to repress her. If the tables were turned I’d take the cake each time. Damn my lack of a uterus.

  3. Shak – All of it, I also thinks it takes the fun out of getting to know somebody, but to be honest a lot of guys don’t make an effort in their profile anyway.

    Most guys I have came across, in my experience want a working wife, and I know girls who have said that yes of course they want a career because it’s deemed to be the appropriate answer.

    I want to bake my own cake and eat it Inshallah.

  4. It’s interesting – you’re not the first to say that most men want working wives. I thought the traditional complaint was that they don’t want their wives to work. I know I get chastised when I openly list “housework” as a requirement (not that that precludes working, I just don’t expect anyone to do both). Interesting how you imply that women say the “right” answer as opposed to a possibly more honest one.

    Oh and I was actually asking what TMI meant, but I figured it out 🙂

  5. Shak – You are rare. In my experience a lot of guys want a working wife,one guy I spoke to said he was looking for someone more professional, as life was expensive and he wasnted a BMW. I am not kidding. The whole finding a partner lark is much like a gameshow, last the longest and take home the bigger prize. Girls I know feel under immense pressure be what ‘he’ is looking for. What about what they want to be? And who they are?
    My problem is I’m too honest, and I’m not good enough for anyone.
    Well anyone normal.

    TMI? Glad you figured it out!

  6. ok TMI? care to let me in? and I bet it’s something obvious.

  7. ok I worked it out too.

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