Deja dork

A couple of hours ago I received a message from shaadi dot com.

Telling me that somebody had expressed interest me, he had given his email and his contact number. And he had forgotten that we had chatted and met up last year, and I never heard from him again.

So, I rang the number…

Him: Hello

Me: Salaam, I just got your email via shaadi dot com

Him: Just now?

Me: Yes

Him: What’s your profile name?

Me: ___________________

Him: Oh ok. Hey are you Scottish? How are you? What’s your name? What do you do?

Me: Yes I am, I’m good thanks. My name is __________, I ____________.

Him: I’m W.

Me: You don’t remember me do you?

Him: No?

Me: We met last year, I was in London for a wedding. We met near Euston station? You were late, and I had to go as I was seeing friends?

Him: We did?………………….Oh yeah, we did, I remember.

Me: Uh-huh

Him: Did we have sex?

Me: (after a pause) No.

Him: Ok…So where have you been?

Me: Around. You stopped calling, and didn’t reply to my texts so I assumed you weren’t interested.


Him: It wasn’t that, I don’t think I want to even get  married, and you seem a religious girl. I just want to date and that, if I meet somebody I can’t live without I will put a ring on her finger.

Me: That’s not what your profile says.

Him: So do you want to meet up again?

Me: No, sorry I don’t. Good luck.

(I said my goodbye, and we ended the conversation)


~ by Honest Waffle on 13/11/2009.

6 Responses to “Deja dork”

  1. Funny thing is I get that alot as well. Are you Scottish.
    No funny “shady” stories. except a few weeks ago my gay friend picks out a girl he met at some party. nice bod he says. goldtooth. He phoned me from some party because she insisted on talking to me. 2 seconds later I put the phone down.

    Not because she has a gold tooth.

    Just dont like loud chicks whose first line is, damn its been a while since I had sex.

    Eurgh these days a little penicillin is not going to take it away if you get my meaning. If the milk’s gone bad I’m not the kind of “cat” to drink it.

    Anyway he’s a douche of the highest degree. I mean how do you ask a question like did we have sex? I mean who would want to marry and have kids with such poor genetic material. In Sparta we have thrown him on the pile.

    Does Shaadi/Shady offer a rate this ass function? cause you could rate him and make up stuff. like, he couldnt get up unless you pretended to be his mother and after he climaxed ( 2 min later) he cried.

    Sorry I know you’re a religious girl but sometimes you need to fight fire with fire.

    I cant just sit back and let idiots contaminate my air supply.
    They should be driven to brink.

    The environment needs that.

  2. HHP – I only get asked because of my accent.
    His comment made me wonder just how many girls he had slept with. It’s not uncommon either, I’ve heard a few stories, and I distinctly recall a guy telling me he had met a girl he’d had an*l sex with, because she wanted to remain a virgin. And another guy who had met a girl who ‘rode him like a motorbike’ (his words, not mine)Perhaps it happens so often that they start to see all girls like that?
    Religious girl? really?! Is that because I wear hijaab? or is that the way I come across? Then again I do wonder why guys talk to me so crudely, I’m not saying I think the hijaab should repel the perverts, I think all women should be treated with respect.
    As for fighting fire with fire. Sometimes I want to stoop to their level, and other times I just want to hang up. I feel it’s not worth wasting the time and energy on.

  3. I was joking about the religious girl. hell you could be Satan’s/Santa’s little helper. And once again, what a douchebag. he sounds like a 5 second Tom. Look up, give thanks, for dodging that bullet.

    Thanks Big Guy.


  4. Ameen.

  5. LOVE IT!

  6. Time to switch to or Single Muslim-maybe better specimens on offer than shaadi

    Aargh. What’s wrong with these guys.

    You’ll find him.

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