Azra wrote a wonderful post about keeping a diary. It got me thinking generally about blogging and stuff. I’m finding it quite cathartic, and helpful, especially as I get older I worry that I’m going to start forgetting things. Although she made an important point about holding back things, and letting out 90% of what she wanted to.

Although I had started it to record my hubby searching tales, I have a feeling it will be more than that. I have kept my blog anonymous, (well as anonymous as can be) because I really do want to be able to say whatever I want. I know people may or may not read it, but I figure I don’t have to hold back, seeing as nobody really knows who I am, with the exception of Adila. Even that’s ok because we both have enough dirt on each other, to keep us mutually quiet.

I just wish I could learn to type faster.


~ by Honest Waffle on 15/11/2009.

5 Responses to “Wafflings”

  1. Although liberating, anonymity can have its downsides too. Sometimes the wrong bits filter through and you end up being someone you’re not really. It’s a bit similar to the Shaadi.com situation you were speaking about before.

    Personally I make it a point /not/ to be anonymous on my blog, on face book or even when mailing a potential rishta for the first time. Being liable for what you say in my opinion gives them greater weight; but more than that it makes you responsible for the things you say, something people who remain anonymous sometimes forget.

  2. Oh and also: if something can only be said anonymously then perhaps it’s not worth saying at all? But if it DOES have value… then why the fear of associating yourself with it? Insecurity?

  3. Shak – The anonymity is restricted to my blog for various reasons, most of which I can’t go into. FB and rishta wise, I’m always honest about who I am and what I do. The blog doesn’t have an impact on my offline persona, and I see no reason why they need to be related.

  4. >The blog doesn’t have an impact on my offline persona, and I see no reason why they need to be related.

    Hmm. I don’t buy it. Can you really compartmentalise who you are like that? If I’m a prat online then I’m still a potential prat no matter how nice I am in real life.

    But my actual point was that perhaps if something needs anonymity to convey then it’s not something that should be conveyed in the first place? Although I can already think of situations where that’s not true, I’m not sure they apply in the trivial everyday case.

  5. Shak – I see your point, but I feel that this doesn’t relate in any way to the way I am in real life. I’m still me, I just don’t feel the need to advertise it?

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