Sunny side up

So I was out of town recently. Catching up with friends, and I also went to see my Aunt. The usual conversation about why I’m not married yet, she has three sisters who are also unmarried, they are a bit older than me. She got married to my Uncle when she was 30, and I know she was struggling at the time to find a partner, so in a way she does empathise with what we are going through.

After the usual volley:

Stop being fussy – Why? I have every right to be.

Just get on with it – It’s all or nothing for me.

Go back home – This is my home!

You need to settle – For happiness and nothing less.

She then said to me something that her friend had suggested her sisters do.

That I should think about having my eggs frozen…because you know if you don’t find somebody straightaway, then at least you have your good eggs to fall back on.


Now. I want to have babies, I adore children. Perhaps I will have ten or one, or even none. And that’s cool with me, it really is. But to freeze my eggs? an insurance policy for my ovaries?

What about my Kismet? What is written for me? I know somebody who miscarried, and her response was ‘I didn’t want it anyway’, and then it took her ten years to fall pregnant. And my other friend, her brother and sister-in-law were childless for eighteen years, and were happily settled and were content with their lot, and then she fell pregnant. Nothing short of a miracle they said, and a complete shock to both of them.

Whatever is to be will be Inshallah.

I know it’s food for thought. I really want to work a basket pun into this somewhere, but I’m too tired.


~ by Honest Waffle on 26/11/2009.

9 Responses to “Sunny side up”

  1. nice to hear about the 18 year couple.. that must have been an awesome surprise…

    you can always adopt too.. very important. a lot of people don’t think about that I don’t know why.

  2. Mash – Adoption throws up the mehram issue for couples. Fostering is preferable.

  3. I think some people just over complicate shit, I know people that have adopted, it’s fine. Its all about how you raise them.

  4. Mash – true, but for some who are extremely religious, they consider it a fitnah. I’m just saying…

  5. yeah I know.. ‘religious’ people do my head in.

  6. Darn auntie jee’s…always about, with their shifty eye on you ~shudder~

  7. Ok someone explain the adoption thing. Please.
    I have my younger brother’s wedding to attend. I would stay home to be honest and look after the dogs. But when the old bird says she’s going to find a nice girl for me, I frights a bit, cause her eye sight is dodgy and I think her inner beauty over rules her outter beauty requisites. I think we need to be fussy. These are the people you will bump uglies with. Well hopefully, smoking, heavy stress, high blood pressure. hey it happens to every guy at least once. Anyway, point is when someone is heavy breathing and sweating on top or under you, you dont want to think mmm… Jessica Alba, before she died her hair blonde. But as experience as taught me, Indian Muslims can fake entire relationships to not stand out as that one who either is too old to be married or that one who didnt listen to their parents.

  8. HHP – Adoption is a no-no, as the child is considered a ghair-mehram (somebody with whom marriage is permissible) once they attain puberty, as they are not their natural parents. However, if the mother has breast fed the child then it’s no longer the case.

  9. HHP – I don’t think about it’s about beauty. More about ‘attractiveness’ I see a lot of pretty girls.. but I’m only attracted to a few…

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