Why would a guy who drinks alcohol possibly want to be interested in pursuing marriage with me? I mean we don’t have anything in common aside from the fact that we just get on well, but I get on well with most people. He said I’m only the third Muslim he’s met who doesn’t drink, and well they all do it in Saudi, because they understand the interpretation of the Quran that alcohol itself isn’t forbidden, being intoxicated is. He said I like to drink, but I never get drunk. I said his lifestyle wasn’t compatible with mine, and he said but I’m ok with your hijaab, I would never ask you to take it off.

By the same token, I would never ask somebody to give up something for me, even if it’s wrong, surely it has to be done for themselves, and for the sake of Allah?

Man. I know how to pick them.


~ by Honest Waffle on 07/12/2009.

2 Responses to “Mismatch”

  1. I guess it comes down the universality of religion and understanding. With this guy it sounds like he’s at least thought about his actions and although I would agree that there’s a mismatch of lifestyles here I’m not sure it’s fair to make a value judgement based on how he wishes to live his life.

    Some people follow the opinion that neglecting prayer is worse than drinking, yet are much more willing to allow that through. I’d call that an inconsistency when it comes to religious preference (although perfectly understandable when it comes to lifestyle).

  2. Shak – It’s frustrating more than anything, I mean here you have a fairly normal guy, I didn’t even realise he was a drinker at first, he admitted he offered his prayers occasionally, and kept some of the fasts. For me it’s a case of the bigger picture, I’m the sort of person that comes out of a cinema halfway in order to pray Maghrib, or will run late in order to pray my Isha before I leave (I’m not saying that’s right though) So overall I do need to have a compatible lifestyle. And I felt that with the guy above it just wasn’t doable. Perhaps my judgement is harsh, but I’m not one to waste time, and see b how it goes, drinking is a big no-no for me, perhaps other things I can compromise on

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