The scoring

I consider myself to be a 6 out of 10, and on the days where I make an effort; put on some nice clothes, maybe a bit of make-up and generally look good, I reckon I’m a 6.5, maybe even pushing a 7.  Does that make me sound big headed? I’m not sure, but I think I’m not an entirely ugly specimen. Well, not counting the pmt days, or when you get unexpected spots, or dry skin, or looking tired.

I apply the out of 10 score quite a lot, like if I’m talking to girlfriends about guys and their pics (the scores are always on looks, not on person as a whole unless specified)  And I often wonder about high scoring guys who end up with low scoring girls, yes I realise that looks are subjective…my idea of pretty/attractive/hot may not be the same as everybody else.

I mean it’s not like I’m bitter that everyone but me seems to be getting married, even the chubby plain ones.

Is there such a thing as physical compatibility in terms of looks and appearance? A like for like match?

If I’m looking at photos of potential partners, I won’t even bother to approach a guy who is 9 or 10 out of 10, simply because I know I won’t be good enough (and sometimes guys who are extremely attractive have the vanity and ego to accompany them too) I prefer to stick to my own range. I have always maintained that guys generally aren’t meant to be good-looking in the way girls are, simply because they don’t have beauty in the way that women do. I think overall most guys are average, some are below and some are above. And then I think you have a small group who are really very attractive, like say George Clooney, and Andy Garcia, and a few other mortal hotties.

I know that really deep down looks shouldn’t matter…but there has to be a small degree of attraction, and I also know that once you get to know a person their personality, if it’s wonderful will outshine their looks. Looks for me is about 15% of the whole package, and I tend to notice things like a nice smile, or nice eyes. I think ugly is a strong and harsh word, and I have only came across one guy who was really quite scarily unattractive. Again that was just my opinion, and I’m sure his turning up wearing filthy white jeans didn’t help.

Girls that do have hottie husbands…I wonder if they ever feel insecure? or worry that other women will be making a play for their man? Do they feel they need to make an extra effort to keep him interested? To be honest the topic of married women (some of the nutcases anyway) is a whole post in itself, but people do make comments like ‘what did he see in her?’ Don’t they say love is blind?

I fell for a guy who would be described as definitely below average, he was one of the most genuine and honest people I ever met in my life, and if you had shown me his picture before I met him, it would have been a resounding no. As time went on the looks didn’t matter, so I do understand why you get different scorers, because their qualities and good nature make them attractive to you.

I don’t ask to see a picture straightaway, as my Mum says it’s about seerat and not soorat. I maybe ask to see it a few emails/conversations in, and if he is average then cool, and if he is above average then that’s cool too. And if he is below average, well then he had better be rich.

I did reject a guy who was the spitting image of my Dad’s brother. That was weird.

And I rejected the Dentist with the fu manchu moustache. I’m sorry, that was just too much.


~ by Honest Waffle on 07/12/2009.

8 Responses to “The scoring”

  1. what happened to the guy?

    I have my own mental separation of pretty and attractive

    there’s girls I think are just pretty and girls I find attractive. And sometimes the two don’t cross. I find the weird looking girls attractive.

    Something you didn’t mention is that a lot of the time, some people want someone really good looking just to show off or because they are insecure themselves.

    Personally, as long as I find a girl attractive that’s enough, scores aren’t important because for guys it’s generally just yes/no/maybe, then I generally find her personality either accentuates that or completely puts me off her. And if her personality clicks well then she’ll be the prettiest thing in the every room.

  2. Mash – Wasn’t meant to be, his work took him to a different country.
    And yes, you still have the trophy element, more so with guys I think. Pretty girls soon became ugly if they don’t have a nice personality.

  3. 6/10 isn’t a bad score, it’s honest (i think so, anyway), and you’re not being big-headed if that’s how you see yourself.

    and george clooney? girl, you’re way too common! give me other celebs u like the looks of, so i can see what your scale of “hot/not” looks like…

    but i agree with your second to last chunky paragraph: i fall for the “ugly(-ier)” ones, simply because their personality blows me away.

  4. S&F – George Clooney, Brad pitt, Andy Garcia, the guy in the Mummy, the hot dark haired one, I don’t think there is a type I go for.

  5. That was funny but definitely honest. I’d think of myself around the same 6ish. I hear you! 🙂

  6. i stopped reading after you said you only consider yourself a 6 out of 10.


  7. I’m being honest…sometimes I’m a 7!

  8. You’re too modest…6/10…pshttt :p

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