It was snowing at the cemetery

One of our community ‘Auntie Jees’ passed away on Christmas day, and her funeral was today. I’ve known this lady for as long as I can remember and her husband passed away about 6 years ago.

She has two sons (who are both married, and almost forty) and a daughter who is severely disabled, and she is aged about 32 I think. I used to work with her many years ago at my weekend job which involved being with young disabled/severely handicapped ethnic minority girls/women. Her Dad was lovely, I always remember seeing him as I grew up at Eid parties. Such a gentle and well-spoken man. He always said that any barkat that he had in his house, was due to his daughter’s presence, as she was a blessing from Allah SWT. I was so, so upset when he died.

I’ve never really liked the boys – the eldest one is a thieving, arrogant pr*ck, who has been running mortgage scams and has cheated a lot of people out of money, and the younger son…well he is obnoxious because he has a degree and a good job, and thinks he has it all. And he’s hugely, massively overweight. I recall many years ago one of my friends spat in his coke because he said something nasty about her Dad. He never has a nice thing to say about anybody.

After the Uncle died the eldest son moved out with his wife, and two years ago the other son got married to a girl from back home, and they also moved out. Auntie looked after her daughter as best she could with the aid of home help nurses. She stopped socialising quite a lot; we would only really see her at Quran recitations, and she would always worry about what would happen to her daughter after she passed on, and always prayed that she would have the strength to look after her, and prayed for a long life in order to do so.

Today at the Mosque the daughter-in-laws were both there, and the lady next to me asked about the daughter, and one of them said that she was being looked after by a carer, and for now they would take some time off work, but ultimately they weren’t able to look after her, and she would be going into a home.

Perhaps a home is the best place for her, but here are her two brothers with more money than sense, who could easily afford to hire nurses, and carers for her. She truly is an orphan, and my heart just breaks thinking about it…her parents were some of the finest people I have known, and were such good charitable people, and yet their sons are an insult to them. I left the mosque fairly quickly, and have been so down about it all day. I don’t even know what to write about it, because I know I feel sad about everything.


~ by Honest Waffle on 27/12/2009.

2 Responses to “It was snowing at the cemetery”

  1. This is why I say, ‘Men are created to be men for a reason.”
    There is a situation right there that will right any transgressions that the brothers have done.
    Yet they are blind to it.

    May Allah help the daughter and reward the parents for being good people.

  2. Whenever I read stuff like this I am astonished that there are people like this out there, actually correction, there are muslims out there like this.

    It’s a shame when muslims end up like this, thinking they are white and acting as such. Ignoring every rule of your religion, every rule of your culture just because why.. they dont think its their responsibility.. dicks

    What goes around… comes around.. this life or the next.

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