Grow a pair

A couple of years ago, one of our family friends (well my Mum’s friend really) had arranged her daughter’s marriage. Anyway because I’m tired and can’t be bothered to type out an essay I’m going to keep this brief… The usual rishta stuff; good boy, decent job, attractive, good family etc.

So the time of the wedding drew closer, there was a mehndi planned and the boy’s side (who were supposed to be bringing mehndi) didn’t turn up. So the next day the girl’s Mum rings up to ask if everything is ok…the boy’s Mum said no, and that they were going to be coming to the house. The boy and his parents arrive. They lived in Birmingham, a good 5 hour drive away. So the boy explains, that he as he had been applying for a new job, and he was successful, he had to go for a medical examination. And it turns out he has a tumour. And he wants to call the wedding off. He doesn’t want her life to be ruined, she can find somebody else, and settle down and be married and have children. He was going to be starting treatment soon, and he couldn’t say what was going to happen.

The girl,  being the martyr that us women are…refused to break it off, and vowed to stand by him no matter what, and said if this is what destiny has in store for her then so be it.

So the wedding was cancelled. Well it was postponed rather. And the boy went about his treatment. A while later, I think about a year, plans were made again as he was told he had the all clear.

Except. A few months later he said it was back.

Of course you can imagine the uproar…talk of getting better medical treatment, suing those that had said it had been removed.

Then the truth came out…the guy had been living with a woman for a few years and had a child by her. He said he had a tumour because he thought the rishta would get broken off, and he would be free to carry on with his life.

The spineless shit didn’t have the decency to come clean, and do the honourable thing. To spin out a lie, to play with someone’s emotions. Not just the girl, but the whole family. Hell even I was upset when I first heard about the wedding being called off the first time.

The girl is now happily married, to somebody else.


~ by Honest Waffle on 08/03/2010.

8 Responses to “Grow a pair”

  1. …wow! i didn’t know people could stoop to such levels. where’s the integrity or dignity? no self-respect? sub7anaAllah….! at least she went on with her life, and Allah replaced him with someone better.

  2. Thats just sickening really.

  3. What an ASS! Geez. Men like these need tobe made into women 😛

  4. Sadly, that’s not even the worst story I know.

  5. @ Azra: if these men are turned into women, it would be the worst representation the gentle sex has ever had!

  6. dam!! ..maybe he should have feigned his own death… well at least the girl got lucky. This girl I know she got married to this dude (they were both nuts about each other) or so we thought turns out.. he’s got two children with some other woman,which he had been keeping a secret.

    My mate now also has two kids by him, and the icing on the cake is one of his other kids was born after he married my mate

  7. boy, it’s amazing the things and the lengths people go to to conceal their leading double lives.

  8. Truly awful account. People do inconceivably horrific things when their actions are governed by fear or external pressures. I suspect this story is a sad indictment of this.

    Hope you’re well, HW. 😉

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