…Would it be so bad if I said I’m enjoying the journey, and aren’t too bothered about getting to the destination?

Also, I think I broke my hymen on holiday. I know I had said 2010 is the year I want to lose my virginity, but it wasn’t quite how I expected.

I need to do a girl only post.


~ by Honest Waffle on 05/07/2010.

16 Responses to “So…”

  1. Let me guess. You were at th gym? No wait… it was horse riding right?

    Sigh. And I thought you were different….. Sigh sigh.

    • None of the above, dude it’s a girl thing!
      Is there a chance that it can maybe grow back?

      • Lol I think you missed the implication. Google may help.

        Why do you want it to grow back anyway? Actually scratch that, this has already become way too weird.

  2. Because I think I miss it. Or her. I could name her Hannah.


  4. I was ROTF LMAO, in case you couldn’t decifer that ;D

  5. whats with the need for a hymen? and how’d you know for sure it broke?

  6. No real need for a hymen I suppose, I probably just miss it because it’s no longer there.

    I’m positive it did, because when I run I can hear a whistling noise.

  7. Kidding!

  8. …. Is it possible to unsubscribe from comments??

  9. I love you. Just so that you know 😀

  10. Still crazy as ever. 😉

  11. about bloooming time too

  12. I hate not knowing the destination…

  13. I’m impatient like that. Destinations are important to me

  14. Dude, no one will ever know about your hymen unless you tell them! And bleeding your first time is a sometimey thing, so it really doesn’t matter. By the way, yeahhh, you’re still a virgin. Unless you get a guy in you, you’re fine. lol And when you do, for the love of God, use protection!!!

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