I think I’m starting to hate Facebook. Or rather the hold and control it has over people.

Over the weekend I attended a pre-wedding party, hosted by a friend of the bride-to-be.  It was the usual; music, food and dancing. Except there was a group of girlies who stopped every six minutes to stand aside, take a minute to pose, and take pictures of themselves. More than once I heard them say ‘For Facebook’.

FFS, whatever happened to spur of the moment pictures, and silly snaps and just messing about with cameras.

The girlies would also check the picture taken, and if it wasn’t up to standard, then it would get deleted and they would take another.

I NEVER had that option when I was growing up. We had a camera that had to be wound on with your thumb. There was no room for error, you just took your chances and waited until after they got developed. By the time you got to see them, it was too late, they had already been passed round the whole family. My cousins keep threatening to have a slide show on my wedding. this is another reason to elope if you ask me.

I kid you not, I would kill somebody if they ever got made public.

I don’t like having my photo being taken, I’m very self-conscious about the way I look, I’m not photogenic at all, and if I think I look remotely fat, then that’s it. I will threaten to dismember people until the offending pictures are deleted. I think I’m also weird about other people taking my photo, regardless of who it is. I keep thinking I’m going to end up for sale somewhere. I have shaadi dot com to thank for that.

I recall a friend telling me a story a few months ago…One of their family friends were getting married. The girl’s family were hijaabi, and fairly religious. Anyway in the wedding invitation they had inserted a letter. the gist of which was ‘We kindly request that our privacy is respected, and people not upload any photos of the wedding onto their Facebook pages’. She said the very same evening her newsfeed was full of pictures of the wedding. I thought it was really sad.

Yes I know we cannot control others actions, but for people to go against your wishes is a bit crap. Short of banning mobiles and cameras what else can you do. People don’t respect their own privacy, so why should we expect them to respect others?

A wedding I attended last year, I was/am good friends with the groom and so thrust to the fore-front of the event. I was the only female in the groom’s party (that’s another story in itself) Loads of photos were taken, and even up until a few months ago, I have seen myself in pictures of random randomers on Facebook.

You wouldn’t share somebody’s phone number, or email without their permission, so why not apply the same rule to photos?

Just because I’m your friend doesn’t mean I want all of your other friends to see pictures of me. Funny how a lot of FB snaps are ones where the gal whose page it is looks great, and you just look like death warmed up.

Permission to post please.


~ by Honest Waffle on 20/09/2010.

2 Responses to “F*c*book”

  1. >You wouldn’t share somebody’s phone number, or email without their permission, so why not apply the same rule to photos?

    People do the former all the time. Otherwise, yes I feel your pain. The worst thing is that I can’t now be myself, I need to behave. Either that or throw a strop, tell people with cameras to bugger off and be called a party pooper. I’m not sure which is worse.

    Maybe the real solution is to build a collection of naked pictures of everyone (or even fake them) to use as leverage.

  2. Facebook is fitna.

    I just can’t enjoy myself any more either when there is a camera around, and what annoys me is in spite of asking people not to put pics of me online, they go ahead and do it anyway. ‘Because I didn’t think you actually meant it’.


    I hate stupid titled albums.
    And I hate having to see 97 pictures of the same thing.
    And I hate people who post holiday pics while they are still on holiday.

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