Don’t worry darling…

…just put my testicles in your purse.

I’m merely wondering  how a certain guy I know has let his life be hijacked by his wife. Perhaps that’s a strong word, but she is a bit overbearing.

It started a couple of years ago, and whilst initially I thought it was cute, now I’m sure the guy doesn’t fart without her permission.

She added me on FB just before they got married, even though I have never met her. She used to email when she wanted to know stuff.

Use and abuse doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

She then removed me a while ago, which I wasn’t really concerned about. Probably because I was talking a whole load of rubbish, and she once said she couldn’t quite equate the hijaab with the nonsense.

Anyway, whenever any of his friends say anything on his FB wall, she is always the first to reply, and comment etc, usually within mere minutes. Then he usually adds an opposing comment later. Usually it’s harmless boy stuff ; guys asking about playing footy, or gaming etc. Her replies include ‘If I give him permission then he can play’.

And while I realise that her comments may be an attempt at humour, or not. I don’t think it’s particularly respectful to be addressing your partner like that on a public forum.

Yes they are both happy, he’s probably not bothered, and I’m not even sure why I’m moaning about this. I’m sure he is fine with it, but does getting married really mean that two become one?



~ by Honest Waffle on 02/12/2010.

7 Responses to “Don’t worry darling…”

  1. >but does getting married really mean that two become one?

    YES. And not in a lewd way. If you want to retain your individuality then get a boyfriend.

  2. Will refrain from sniggering.

    Surely when you are married you can’t expect to be joined at the hip all the time, you may want or need to have some of your own stuff to do.

    I don’t expect my partner to appreciate all of my activities, nor me his.

    And I think for me as I have gotten older, in some ways I’m quite independent. Which a few of my married girlfriends tell me isn’t entirely a good thing as I will find it harder to adapt to marriage. But what if he is independent too?

  3. I think there’s a few early years where they sort of meld but then they start branching out again. It does seem a small thing to moan about….

  4. I also know of a couple who worked together in a very small office, then got married, and continue to work together. I think they’ve been married for around five years. They seem happy enough I think, no children yet.

    Maybe they don’t need anything apart from each other. That’s quite a romantic notion, but I don’t think I would function in a one on one situation.

    What about absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that?

  5. It sounds kind of sweet to be able to like someone that much. I do wonder what most couples manage to talk about especially when they leave such together lives. That said in my parents generation and above there seem few couples that are together so much, intellectual companionship seems to be something to be had outside of marriage.

    • What can they talk about? The couple I mentioned. They seemed a bit, well, boring. Apart from anecdotes from their working day there wasn’t much else. Nor did they really go out to socialise. They were always keen for people to come to theirs and play Buzz and Singstar.

  6. Ah yes, the horrors of couples that make you play parlour games when you go round for dinner.

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