(This is only a joke)

…I found this whilst going through my old emails. this one is dated from 25.01.2005.

( I feel old)

So George W. Bush is on a state visit to the UK. He sees what the
Queen has got going and he’s impressed and a bit jealous. After a few
days of the royal lifestyle, Dubya says to the queen “You know, I
could get used to this. I think I’d make a good king. Maybe I will
pass a law that makes me King of America.”
Queen says, “No, I’m afraid that won’t work. In order to be a king,
one has to have a kingdom. And America is not a kingdom.”
George thinks it over, “I guess you’re right. Well, how about a
prince? I could be a prince.”
And the Queen says “Well, actually, in order to be a prince, one has
to have a principality.”
George thinks this over. “Maybe I could be Emperor”
And once again, the Queen has so say, “Emperors generally rule an
empire, and America is not an empire.”
George thinks it over. “Wait a minute! I know, I could-”
And here the Queen interrupts, “Actually, Mr Bush, I think you are
doing just fine with a country.”


~ by Honest Waffle on 31/12/2010.

One Response to “(This is only a joke)”

  1. So, he’s a yokel? 😛

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